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Scribner's Catskill Lodge


The Round Suites provide for a captivating experience created by two unique structures with an interior walkway joining them. In the larger structure, a unique 360-degree circular sunken sofa, a daybed, and a reading nook create a magnificent space to spend time and peer into nature outside. The roofs of each structure provide for a pantheon view with an oculus at the center of each to provide light and a view of the stars above. The exterior of each provides a private moment to bathe in a Japanese soaking tub or seasonal outdoor shower. The decks provide a place to also enjoy the sun or lay in your private lawn and have a picnic. All of this possible with Lodge and its offerings just feet away.


Our Rounds are uniquely designed to provide a hospitality experience embedded with nature, comfort, and adventure. The 12-sided structures create a vaulted ceiling in which the roof is joined together at the apex by an oculus, perfect for stargazing. Each Round allows its guest to take in the outdoors from the comfort of its living and sleeping areas, venture outside to sit on its private lawn or deck space, or bathe in the Japanese soaking tub. The best part is that all of this is possible while having the amenities of the Lodge only a stone’s throw away.

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