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Scribner's Catskill Lodge


The Apex Lodge, integral to the Rounds experience, is a communal space where relaxation and social gatherings blend seamlessly.
This inviting lodge features a cozy lounge, perfect for guests to unwind and mingle. For dining in privacy or hosting special meals, there’s an elegantly appointed
private dining room. Additionally, the lodge includes a well-stocked bar, ideal for evening relaxation or casual meet-ups. Its versatile and stylish design makes the
Apex Lodge an excellent choice for hosting various events, from intimate celebrations to larger gatherings, adding a touch of sophistication and comfort to every occasion.
This space complements the overall serene and luxurious ambiance of the Rounds.

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What is the Apex Lodge?
If I’m staying at the Lodge, can I come to the Apex Lodge?
Can I book the Apex Lodge for an Event?
Is there food available at the Apex Lodge?

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