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Scribner's Catskill Lodge


We believe adventures should be shared with your four-legged family members, so we’ve
created a special program for pups like yours that are visiting here in the Catskills. To note, we only allow dogs.

Our Pupstater Program is a $50 nightly non-refundable fee, per dog, per night, and per room for up to a maximum of two dogs.
The fee for all Pupstaters covers the cleaning to have your friendly pal in-room. For being part of the Pupstater program, the package can include a bandana, poop bags,
a toy, and treats to take home. Dog bowls will also be placed in-rooms to use while they are visiting Scribner’s.
The Lodge identifies Pupstater pups with custom bandanas – yours to keep!


We’re excited to welcome you and your companion to The Lodge. Please note the following to make sure your pup’s visit is as seamless as possible:

– Pups must be leashed at all times while on property.
– Pups are not permitted at Prospect as well as The Rink and The Pool. Service animals may accompany guests throughout the property.
– Pups are not allowed in the room while housekeeping attendants perform service. If service is requested, guests must check in with the front desk before leaving and before returning to the room.
– Pups must utilize the outdoors as their restroom.
– In efforts to ensure a pleasant stay for all guests and pups, our team will notify you to check in on your pup in the event of concerning sounds coming from your unattended room


In an effort to ensure a pleasant stay for all guests and pups, we ask for you and your pup to adhere to our ‘Pawlicies.’
We understand that even the best of pups have accidents so please view our ‘Accident Menu’ below:

Got hungry
starting at $250
(cost of destruction of property)

Couldn’t hold it
starting at $100
(cost of cleaning messes + stains)

Bark, woof, yap, howl
Priceless, starting at $250
(cost of alleviating guests’ complaints)

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