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In-ROOM Amenities

Housekeeping Service

Daily housekeeping services are available between 10am and 2pm. Please speak to a Rounds Agent, text, or email our team at to request this service.

Manual Locking Doors

Please note the guest room doors are not automatic locking. You will need to manually lock and unlock your door with your key or by using the switch on the inside handle.

Soaking Tub and Outdoor Shower

The outdoor soaking tub is available for all seasons. This can be used as a hot soak or a cold plunge. The outdoor soaking tub is meant to be drained after each use. The outdoor shower is available for use for non-winter seasons.

Temperature Control

The thermostat is on the wall near the entrance. Please adjust to your ideal temperature. To note, it tends to feel warmer in the Round than what the thermostat may have been set to.

To Operate: A wireless remote is mounted on a wall near the built-in desk. The Display screen shows the current temperature in the room. Selecting “On” keeps the fireplace on constantly. Selecting “Off” turns the fireplace off. If you would like to set a desired temperature for the fireplace to regulate in your room, click “Set,” use the up and down arrows until your preferred temperature is reached, and then click “Set” again.


To operate Netflix:
1. Turn on the TV using the LG remote
2. Click the “Home” button on the LG remote in the middle of the remote (above up arrow)
3. Click on Netflix
4. Enter your Netflix login info
5. Please log out of any services before you check out

Safe Instructions